Gran Canaria is an island that possesses a multitude of routes for cycle tourism enthusiasts who love to get up close to nature. Whether it be descending down paths or on long distance routes, a bicycle is the perfect companion for you to get around and see some stunning settings.

The natural surroundings Gran Canaria that offers fully justify its tag of “miniature continent”. Sports lovers coming here have an endless list of alternatives to choose from that combine physical exercise with the pure enjoyment of lush countryside in the island’s interior, as well as superb coastal locations. The mild climate that dominates the island throughout the year makes bike riding one of the top tourist attractions on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is the perfect place to get away from harsh winters with its 128 beaches and 24º centigrade to enjoy them all through the year. However, few people know the mountainous interior, which is a real bikers’ paradise.

Due to its morphology, the island is mountainous with steep and spectacular landscapes. Around here, both the road routes and mountain routes are virtually free of flat areas and the constant presence of stone, due to its volcanic origins.

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