You needn’t look any further, let us tell you all about it. We’ll show you around the finest spots on the island, with an itinerary including unique landscapes, that the Network of Viewpoints of Gran Canaria proudly display every single day.

These vantage points are the perfect way to piece together the puzzle of our miniature continent. It is rather like a little adventure, a tale by Jules Verne in which we have to turn a map over to face the sun, until we discover the hidden outlines of the mapped out places. It is definitely an itinerary that visitors to Gran Canaria should not miss out on.

The Network of Viewpoints brings together all the finest landscapes, in a route specially cooked up for the curious traveller, ready for anyone who wishes to delve into the mountains and navigate along winding roads, until they can see for themselves the ever changing scenery around Gran Canaria.

To get there and see all this, just point your computer north and wait for sunset, and without further delay get the first stage of your trip underway…

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