From the moment I met Misha, I could clearly see how she lived out her passion for cycling. I also knew that Gran Canaria would become a place on earth that would help her make the most of her motivation for this sport.

The night before, I had written to her to decide which route we would take. And of course, choosing a route among the endless possibilities that our island offers was not something we could just do at the drop of a hat. One thing was clear though, we wanted to enjoy ourselves, have fun and see many beautiful landscapes.

“Hey Misha, how do you go cycling alone? Or do you usually go out in a group?” I asked her. “Well, I do not usually go cycling on my own. I’d rather go out in a group. I feel safer, and maybe the cars in the road respect us a bit more. However, when you go cycling on your own, the best thing is to do is to look for a nice place where you can get away and unwind. And that’s where I want to take you today, to one of my favourite places”, she told me.

We went straight to Ayagures (in the south of the island of Gran Canaria). There, Misha had chosen a route with a few slopes which would quickly put me in my place. “I love this place to train a series of uphill slopes with my bike. There are not many cars and the views are stunning”, she told me enthusiastically. I put on my cycling shoes, got on the saddle and we started pedalling up a steep slope. As soon as we reached the highest point, we both dismounted to behold the scenery. As many foreigners point out when they come to train here, this landscape is quite similar to the Grand Canyon because of the textures, the sharp cliffs and the light at dawn or at dusk.

“Misha, how did a girl from Czech Republic ended up in Gran Canaria? Did you take a liking to cycling here?” I asked. “Well, I arrived on this island several years ago and I fell in love with it, and of course, everything here made it easy for me to get fully involved in the world of cycling. In Gran Canaria you find many options for tourists. There is a great variety of settings where you can get to enjoy and practice a lot of different sports any time of the year. In addition, there are a lot of high-quality services at your disposal, such as: bike rental, maintenance, bike transport to your hotel, cycling routes from your hotel, sport medicine services, nutrition, shops, etc. A lot of my friends abroad ask me about coming here, and I love to give them advice about what we have here” she explained to me.

After that, we got on our mountain bikes and started pedalling. We went exploring for a bit through the middle of a wide road. The truth is the weather was perfect, even though the day was hot, the mountains combed the clouds and a soft breeze blew through the arid vegetation of our island. We couldn’t ask for more. Before us, we had a perfect day to enjoy in full nature.

“Marcos, do you know what I would emphasize about the people on this island? That you can find yourself lost, and there will always be someone ready to help you and advice you. I felt very supported from the moment I arrived on this island, and that feeling has not changed”, she explained with a smile on her face.

Gran Canaria does not let anyone indifferent on their visit. That’s what we both believe, Misha and I. It is a true joy to be able to express ourselves together in this lovely environment so perfect for the practice of sports in the fresh air. The truth is that this island always encourages wellness and the passion for sports, whatever it is we are really looking for. Happiness in Gran Canaria is something very tangible from the moment you feel in contact with the environment and you get a sense of it.