Once, I dreamt that I was embarking on a trip. Standing at the harbour, with my rucksack on my back, I said goodbye to my family and some of my friends. I went up the stairs of the ship, with my eyes set on the horizon, trying to picture how it would feel to arrive in a faraway land where I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. A place where anything could happen.

When I went on board the ship, I watched the people’s faces. They looked at me too. We all had many unanswered questions, I reckoned. I noticed the atmosphere on the ship was very fragile. Maybe that’s how we were all feeling setting off to a new destination, where we knew almost nothing about the place we were heading to; where we knew almost nothing of the new culture, the new language or the new customs awaiting us. We knew nothing at all.

When our ship was approaching the shore, the mist and the condensation on the windows made it impossible for me to perceive the colours and characteristics of the land where our ship was getting ready to berth. At that moment, the light was very bright. So bright that it came in through the windows and fell on my face, so I had to raise my arm to shield my eyes. I went down the stairs of the ship and saw a new land. It seemed like something out of a storybook about mythological creatures, where only the broken fossils of creatures that had left their mark fighting against some sort of indigenous species remained. I was under the impression that the people that I passed wanted to tell me something, but I did not dare to speak to anybody. It was probably out of fear that they would not understand my language, or maybe because I did not want to feel rejected.

The funny thing about this dream is that I had put my running shoes inside my rucksack. As if I could go for a run around the island. I had hardly walked along the island where we had disembarked. It was as if I could picture the whole island in my mind. I imagined it to be round shaped with high mountains in the middle and full of forests, cliffs along its coasts and waterfalls rushing through its ravines. As soon as the sun began to set, I decided to put on my running shoes to take it all in with my eyes and classify what I could while I ran. A house, a tree, a pathway, two people seating on a rock. I could identify everything, but I did not want to get involved. It was just a feeling, as if I were somewhere quiet, contemplating the world around me.

The next day the ship would set sail again. While I headed back to the harbour, a boy came up to me and said, ‘I saw you when you got off the ship, but you didn’t notice me… would you dare to come back to this place?’ he asked in a quiet voice. To which I answered, ‘if you promise that you will be here, I would ask you to show me the island because I am sure it hides many places that will make me lose all senses, am I right?’, I said. ‘It’s not that I’m in love with the place I live in, but I can assure you that you will want to repeat’, he said looking at me with a big smile and a dreamy look on his face.

It’s 06:30 in the morning. The alarm clock beside my bed goes off. I make some coffee like I do every morning, thinking about the dream I had last night. What if that boy was me? I wonder.

I always thought I lived in a unique place. In an idyllic land surrounded by sea. A breathtaking scenery that was born from tongues of volcanic lava that flowed endlessly and was transformed into pure basalt sediments, thus creating a round-shaped island among these seven majesties of nature.

It is in one of them where I have been living since the day I was born. A land full of brave people and of chronicles told by the conquerors. For some reason, it was named Gran Canaria. A round-shaped land where subliminally my dream lingered momentarily. Now I am waiting, like that boy did, for the next ship to berth.

Who will I show this wonderful island to, so that we can put our running shoes on and run together, or ride our bikes, or even swim in our waters dyed blue by the Atlantic?

I am waiting right here for the first person! Where nature was born, and the climate gave it its name “an island that is open to the world to be explored from all sides, and where the best outdoor gym is waiting for you, any month of the year”.

I am already wearing my host armband. I will make you want to repeat this experience, I promise!

I won’t leave. I’ll stay here waiting for the next ship to berth.