Three rocks make up a quite magical spot, high up at the island’s summit. Together they represent the perfect union between the natural and cultural landscape of Bentayga, at the heart of the spiritual aboriginal world of Gran Canaria.

They are three pillars in a made to measure landscape for sky gazing, from the highest mountains peaks. They are also a little key to revealing the past of Gran Canaria, to a time of an ancient society which is shrouded by 300 layers of mystery.

To help open up all these doors, visitors now have the new Visitor Centre, which the Cabildo de Gran Canaria has refurbished at the foot of the Roque Bentayga.

Now, a new museum exhibition delves deep into the culture and most important rituals of the pre-Hispanic settlers. It is located in a unique setting which still has vestiges of worship, burial and wall painting sites belonging to the island’s first inhabitants.

If you make it here all the way to the base of Roque Bentayga, you can delve into the ancient ways of life of the aboriginal islanders. With precise information, gained from the latest technology, in modern terminology which aims to explain the symbolic meaning of the set of stone at the peaks of Gran Canaria, telling the story of the culture, ethnography and the very nature of the island itself.

After your visit to the Bentayga Visitor Centre, you can make your way to the Almogarén, a divine worship site for the aboriginal dwellers of the period, situated on the eastern side of the rock.

In the background of all this is the natural heritage that enables us to delve deep into the new ways of looking at the local surroundings, right at the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria. Next to this is the expression of the landscape provided by all the generations who have given so much life to an enclave covered with a kind of magical halo.

The archaeology, ethnography, and cultural landscape of the Sierra del Bentayga are now joined as one, to encourage you on to discover the 3 Roques. Just at the point at which the clouds come to a stop and begin their union with the Bentayga, where they call upon the sun and rain.

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