Project Description

HPS – Hospital Perpetuo Socorro

Hospital Perpetuo Socorro is one of the largest health centres in the country, with an extensive range of services offered, including all medical and surgical specialties. Its philosophy promoting sport as part of a healthy life, always with all the necessary medical guarantees, has led to the creation of a Sports Medicine unit with a highly qualified and renowned team.

With the aim of providing a high-quality level of care to sportspersons, whether professional or recreational athletes, including those who participate in sports occasionally, HPS is equipped with the latest technology, available to a qualified team specialising in this type of medical coverage and backed by the rest of the hospital units.

In this regard, it carries out the most comprehensive sports-medical examinations in the Canary Islands, including:

  • Detailed medical history and sports medical record.

  • A complete physical examination together with a body composition study (kinanthropometry).

  • Strength measurement.

  • Flexibility measurement.

  • Functional postural assessment and examination of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Clinical analysis, both urine and blood tests for a clinical, functional and control assessment of sports performance.

  • Electrocardiography, echocardiogram, basal spirometry and ergospirometry (stress test on a treadmill with a specific protocol and a gas analyser).

  • Nutritional counselling.

  • Other services: prevention of osteoporosis, sport psychological diagnosis and treatment, as well as injury, osteopathic and muscle toning treatment.

Hospital Perpetuo Socorro is the Official Medical Service for the football team Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, the basketball team Herbalife Gran Canaria and DISA HPS triathlon and also for a great number of sports events, among which the following are worth mentioning:

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria HPS San Silvestre.

  • Gran Canaria Marathon.

  • Transgrancanaria.

  • Copa del Rey Gran Canaria (the Gran Canaria King’s Cup).

  • Supercopa Endesa Gran Canaria (the Endesa Gran Canaria Supercup).

  • Basketball World Cup.

  • Gran Canaria Triathlon.

  • Triathlon European Championship.

  • Binter Triplus.

  • Transgrancanaria Bike.

  • The urban race: Running through Vegueta.

  • Canarias7 Companies Race.

  • Gran Canaria Yellow Bowl.

  • European Throwing Cup.

  • Spanish Infantas International Trophy -ASISA.

  • Spanish Swimming Absolute Championships.

  • Spanish Water Polo Championships.

  • Optimist Spanish Championships.

  • Navy regatta in the Canary Island.

  • Basket Playa (Beach Basketball Tournament).

  • Basket Playa.

  • Ports of Las Palmas Half Marathon.

  • Sky Gran Canaria.


C/ León y Castillo, 407
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria