The Island of Great Rest was discoverd many dozens of years ago now. It was born right in the middle of the 19th century, when English travellers on their way down to Cape Town on steam ships happened to come across this island with the finest winters in Europe quite by chance.

The island offered them a refuge with perfect microclimates, a place to stop off at for long periods to unwind, get over illnesses, shake off ailments, or simply take life at a slower pace. A place in the middle of an ocean of fine weather, to rest, look after yourself and to feel good.


The second half of the 19th century saw Gran Canaria start to emerge as a leading health destination. Travellers from all over Europe from over a thousand different towns, come in search of the fine climate that is spread evenly over the twelve months of the year. Europeans would come in to take the medicinal waters at the ancient and stately spas at Azuaje and Los Berrazales. It was the 19th century.

The Island of Great Rest always kept up with the times. The Italian visionary Eduardo Filiputti updated formulas in the 20th century, creating a whole new health centre at Maspalomas Dunes. The Spa sited on the dunes was a heliotherapy centre, which made the most of the benefits of the combination of sand and sun. It was the 1960s.


Nowadays the great rest formula continues to improve in Gran Canaria. The island continues to reinvent newer ways to offer the best ever health holidays to visitors. A century and a half later, visitors can choose from a huge array of Spa & Wellness centres, the finest attention from leading specialists in the health field, and the latest treatments available in the field of health and beauty.

The experience of many years as a health resort, the latest methods and the most modern spa and talassotherapy facilities are all blended together in Gran Canaria, to accompany its mild climate and sea of beaches. All this backed up by large numbers of professionals in the field of health and beauty, together with a wide choice of private health care.

If you would like to spend a few days taking good care of yourself, come over to Gran Canaria. We hope to carry on being, for another 150 years at least, the place where the formula for Great Rest is a safely guarded secret.

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