Imagine being a lifelong honorary member of a huge outdoor gym, a superb gym with great weather all year, with warm temperatures even during the winter. With a tranquil sun in the summer, not too scorching. And an ocean-sized swimming pool.

Gran Canaria is a fair weather island, made to measure for sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by beaches, with a sea of possibilities for doing sports. It is a refuge for surfers, windsurfing fanatics, divers, and sailors.

Gran Canaria is a grand fair weather gym, with only one investment required: you must be ready for fun. For this reason it is the top winter destination for a thousand professional teams, from all over Europe, while being an attractive destination for anyone looking for active holidays. You can choose between hiking through woods, playing golf on the edge of a large volcanic crater, running along the sea shore, and surfing at secluded beaches…

Please don’t forget, inscription is already open: surfing, mountain bike, climbing, swimming in the sea, hiking, windsurfing, cycling, golf, kitesurf, diving, and virtually anything else you can think of awaits you here in Gran Canaria. The fair weather gym never closes.

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